My Accutane Story

This blog is brand new so I don’t even know if someone is going to read this but I’ll write it anyway because I wish I found this when I started Accutane and searched for stories online ( and all I could find were happy stories)

I was always a confident girl… Always had a couple of pimples now and then but nothing big until my mid 20’s when they started to become cystic. I had still few but they were huge white heads so what did I do? I went to the dermatogist. Of course she didn’t ask about my lifestyle or tried to understand the cause, she just told me to take accutane and so I did. I though that she, as a doctor, would know the best. After two weeks my few pimples become ten pimples and so I called her and the told me that was normal, it was the purging effect. After two months I looked like a ferrero rocher and was so ashamed that I didn’t even leave my house… About that time I decided to ask for a second opinion. This new doctor told me to continue with the accutane and also take the birth control pill and after one month my skin was finally clear but what was once a face full of pimples was now a face full of scars! Apparently this drug messes up all your immune system and its capacity to regenerate the cells but nobody told me that before.

What people need to understand is that acne is cause mainly by digestive and/or hormonal issues and what accutane does is shut down your body natural oils while it destroys your gut and liver at the some time. So if your acne is caused by digestive issues and/or hormonal issues and you take a drug that is so bad for the responsible organs for this issues, do you think it is a good choice? Of course as soon as I stoped the birth control the acne returned and came along with leeky gut, hormonal imbalances and lots and lots of anxiety that I never had before!

All of this led me to search for natural cures and it’s been a battle to recover from all the damage… Nowadays my biggest battle is TTC, I had two miscarriages in the last three years and each pregnancy took me more that a year to achieve… I know this is also a consequence of this terrible drug.

I am now trying to live a clean, organic life and I am finally starting to see improvements in my health.

Hoping for the best!